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Career Dimensions

Giving you - teaming, leading, changing

    human performance training

Strategic Direction, Ropes Course, Team Communications, Supervisory Skills, Organizational Dynamics


Motivation, Goal Setting, Quality Customer Service, Personal Style Inventory, Stress and Time Management


Conflict Resolution, Creativity in the Workplace, Organizational Development, Effective Career Choice

"Our focus is ...

... your human potential"

We develop a program that increases the effectiveness of your work team. Many common themes run through a Career Dimensions training program including ethics, trust, and organizational goals. Using a natural outdoor environment or an indoor seminar setting, participants are guided through physical and mental challenges that enhance awareness of their skills, talents, abilities, and potentials. Our goal is to maximize each person's value within the work setting.

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Thank you for visiting our website. Our newest program is entitled "The OVATION factor". It is a celebration of Teams, Leaders, Change and Success. Call us for more information on "The OVATION factor". The OVATION factor leads teams through a series of physical and mental challenges that focuses on the Team Achievements model. The individual success adds to the team success which provides the organization an opportunity to best meet customers' needs and celebrate reaching goals.

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