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"Our focus is YOUR human potential"

A Career Dimensions training experience enables each individual to transfer the feeling of "we did it!" back to the work setting, where they enjoy increased levels of trust, support, communication and commitment. The end result is a work team filled with renewed dedication to productivity and performance.


identifies your preference for communicating, decision-making, problem solving and organizing your work. Learning how your personal style affects your interactions with others and how to utilize your style to engage a team leads to empowered individuals and successful teams.

"leaders RESPECT others"

R - reach for
E - excellence in
S - selecting
P - people with
E - exceptional and
C - creative
T - talents

"Older than the Neolithic Era and newer than the New Millenium, leadership continues to fascinate and perplex. Are leaders born or made to order? Should they be incubated, or tested by fire?"

Training and Development, March 2000

Career Dimensions / team & leadership training
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