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The OVATION! factorİ is a flexible team/leadership training program that promotes success through the Team Achievementsİ model. A series of experiential learning activities helps the participant to focus on his/her individual strengths and the organization's potential; leading the team to increased productivity, motivation and commitment.

The uniqueness of the The OVATION! factorİ is a how a participant looks at the positive aspects of his/her role on the team. Each learning experience encourages creative problem-solving, shared leadership, team synergy, and celebrating success. The team learns the power of The OVATION! factorİ and the human potential by:

  • recognizing individuals and teams for "a job well done"
  • appreciating the individual contribution of a team member
  • developing measurable goals and continually improving processes and systems
  • taking risks and being creative
  • trusting fellow team members
  • tolerating failure providing learning takes place and success follows

Career Dimensions offers to business, industry, not-for-profit and educational institutions The OVATION! factorİ as a way to identify team challenges, solve problems, focus on strengths and overcome weaknesses. This program can be brought to your training facility or may utilize other venues including a challenge/ropes course. Contact Career Dimensions for more information on The OVATION! factorİ.

Dr. Fred C. Heismeyer, Global Human Performance Coach
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